And Again…

And I’m in Facebook jail again, for using the word stab in a sentence. Again, I did not violate their policy (remember, I’ve been banned for an actual book title, and a photo of my dog, with no way to contact an actual person to speak to). I can’t even find the listing anymore of exactly what their policy is, but I can assure you, I did not incite people to violence, promote violence, or anything else that told people what to do. I simply said that being in Walmart for 20 minutes is enough to make me want to S-t@(b) someone.

And it’s true. And it’s my feeling, mine alone, the frustration brought on by being surrounded by zombies who block aisles while they stare at the same merchandise from last week while their kids are two aisles away trashing everything. The aisles are narrow and it’s hard to get past them. There are never more than 3 check out people for 50 customers in line. I hate Walmart, but there’s nowhere left to shop besides Amazon.

No, don’t say Target. Target’s prices are double for the same merchandise, and most of the time they have no inventory. The ONLY thing I consistently find items for in Target is toys. They have a good toy section. And a good price on Flintstone vitamins, which are the only children’s chewable vitamin that contains iron. All those sugar gummies do not. And let’s face it, actual Flintstone vitamins taste ten times better than the Walmart version.

So, meanwhile, no one on FB will see this because I can’t even change my profile pic – I might violate their code with my dog or something. Oh wait, it is my dog, the same one they banned me for last time. Guess robots don’t like chihuahuas.

Wrote a post on Daylight Savings Time you can read here.

If you haven’t read it, my Halloween Story Leaving is Hard can be read in section 2 of the Writer’s Unite Witching Hour collection, right here. A good story, and it’s got cats! And dogs, too.

Hope you got out and voted. I can’t tell you how to vote, but I do hope you used your head and thought before you voted. We’re a decent state that avoids most rhetoric, but the amount of pure hogwash flying around the campaign ads was staggering. Repeat after me: No Candidate Controls Grocery Prices. None of them. Saying someone is the reason your grocery prices are higher shows you’re an idiot. No one but no one (in this state, at least) is calling you a monkey. That was a GOP tactic during Obama. Stop lying. You played two race cards in your campaign, both lies (no, Biden is not causing the price of Adobo to go up). And for goodness’ sake, stop blaming a current President for a recession. It takes 3-5 years to tank or rebuild a country; it doesn’t happen overnight. When a country sinks, it’s due to whoever was in charge 3-5 years previous. When a country crawls out of a recession, it’s due to what the president did 3-5 years previous. The recession started under Nixon; Carter had nothing to do with it. What happened under Reagan wasn’t his doing, it started with Carter. And so forth. If a president’s in power 8 years and everything tanks in year 5 or 6, then yeah, it’s probably his fault. Party neutral. Whether or not I support the current president is irrelevant; this is the way it is, and it’s not changing.

And here’s a major clue: You can’t have a recession when corporations are raking in record profits. That’s not how recession works. Stop looking at Congress and start looking at corporate America for your woes, because they’re behind it. Now, should Congress be taxing that money? Of course! But they own Congress, so good luck. When you can spend 10 billion dollars to buy Twitter, but you pay no taxes, that’s a problem. We need new corporate profit laws.

Three more days of jail. The food here sucks. I have to make it myself.


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